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Learning Management System (LMS) is a convenient online platform providing trouble-free access to the students for the learning and understanding of better concepts from the best of faculties, at an affordable cost from anywhere in the world.

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Subject Experts

Ritesh Agarwal


Ritesh Agarwal sir is renowned for his teaching knack in Physics for JEE preparation, round the city. His teaching methodology focuses on strengthening the basic concepts of the subject. He excels in the art of making the students, subject-friendly. Studying Physics from him appears to be the easiest subject for students. He creates a very comfortable and student-friendly ambience in his class. He is a ‘concept-builder’ in true sense. His analytical approach establishes such a strong foundation, which the students can rely upon even for future applications.

Rajesh Sharma


Rajesh Sharma sir is the most jovial Mathematician that one could study from. Learning Mathematical formulas and equations are a cake walk with him. Despite our mistakes and queries raised multiple times, he still motivates us to clear our doubts and even elucidates all of them in detail. He is such an inspiring and ardent mentor, who has the most innovative techniques to solve the questions that inspire us to perform to the crest in Mathematics. He is acknowledged as the ‘formula grasper’ and once studied from him, formula-remembering is on finger tips.

Sudhanshu Kumar


Sudhanshu Kumar sir's approach towards the subject is truly focused, systematic and comprehensive. His utmost competency in Chemistry is such that he has an ocean full of chemical equations to elaborate on each topic, thereby getting him the title of ‘Chemistry Guru’ by the students. While going through his session, one can get the most diverse illustrations to understand the topic. He is an absolute support when it comes to solving our concerns and doubts. He is very much approachable and ensures immense comfort level for all the students in the class.




Sahib Singh

I have been attending on-line lectures since last 2 months. I have been benefited a lot .The on-line package has a lot of advantages as I can determine the speed and repetition or skipping the parts required. The quality of video is very good. Moreover the videos give a better view and one to one feeling of the teacher than even a live classroom. There is flexibility in every aspect, I can start any-time, pause any-time and if I am tired, I can stop it then and there. This gives me a lot of liberty as my mind is always at peace. As these videos are actually the recordings of real live classes, I get the classroom atmosphere and even get to see the teacher answering to real classroom students’ queries. Besides the teachers teach so well and conceptually that I am now getting a better concept clarity and able to solve questions by myself. Most of my doubts get cleared by repeating the required part. According to me this is a much better and practical way to study then any other program.I have improved a lot and i hope to improve further.

Sahib Singh

As a teacher, I was earlier not in the favour of on-line learning. But, when we used this concept in our institute, we found that it is very helpful to most of the students. Every student learns the subject at its pace, some are quick and some are slow. In classroom, it’s very difficult to match everyone’s pace. But, in on-line learning, each student can learn at his/her pace and can revise it as many time as required. Hope this will help students a lot.

Rajesh Sharma