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What is LMS?

LMS is Learning Management System. Based on feedback of various students, it has been found that most of the students are not getting education from good teachers due to many reasons like money constrains, physical constrains of teacher that he/she can teach limited students only, unavailability of good teachers in remote areas, hesitance in sending female student all-alone to another city for education etc. So, LMS will provide an economical and easily accessible solution for such problems.

Who can use LMS?

Anyone i.e. student, teacher, parent etc., who wants to learn subject and has passion for that subject. But, most of the courses are prepared with the thought of giving an approach and preparation for competitive exams.

Can I study only one subject or one topic?

Yes, you can study one subject only and even one topic only also. But, it would be suggested that you study all topics of one subject as most of them are linked to each other and by studying only one topic you might not be able to understand it clearly and completely.

Do I get study material and practice problems also?

Yes, you will get study material and practice problems also which you can download from the website itself.

Is there any refund policy?

Money once paid will not be refunded, so it’s better that you first see lectures of one topic and then decide whether you want to pay for the whole course or not.

How can I pay the fees?

You can pay it through on-line payment gateway using credit card, debit card, net banking etc. You can also pay through cash, cheque and bank transfer. In such cases, you will have to wait till amount reflects in our account.

What kind of internet connection or system configuration (hardware / software requirements) will be required for accessing LMS?

You will require Broadband internet connection with minimum 128 kbps/mbps speed. Your computer system / laptop should have a file reader software such as Acrobat Reader.

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