Learning Management System

Learning Management System is a collective vision of Mr. Ritesh Agarwal (B.Tech.-IIT Bombay), Mr. Sudhanshu Kumar (B.E.-NIT Surathkal) and Mr. Rajesh Sharma (B.E.-GEC Ujjain).

Being in the Coaching industry for so many years, we have analyzed that there is dearth of quality subject-based teachers for JEE-preparation. Year by year, level of education and examination is advancing, hence such mentors are required who can provide in-depth learning and build strong concepts for individual subjects. There are very few good mentors in the industry, but due to limitations like time scarcity, travelling distance, tuition fees, and other factors, every student cannot attain the benefits and privilege of getting mentored through them.
In order to cut down these limitations and provide end-to-end satisfaction to the students who are willing to study even from the farthest of places, we have introduced this innovative concept of ‘Learning Management System’. This system will provide a convenient and concept-based learning platform to all those students who stay in remote areas or have financial issues, but aspire to learn from subject-experts. Initially, we are beginning this system with only few courses, which in time will be increased in numbers, depending on the usage, demand and association of quality teachers.



Why Choose Us

There are a number of reasons for choosing our Learning Management System:

  • Convenient for students living at far off destinations and in remote cities.
  • Opportunity to learn and even interact with best of faculties from IIT-JEE Coaching industry.
  • An easy online platform to get all your concepts clear with better understanding, with the comfort of sitting back at home.
  • Getting lessons from subject-experts and doubt clearance in quite an affordable cost.
  • Saving time and energy for travelling to Coaching for regular lectures or doubts.



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